The Keil & Keil Literary Agency was founded in 1995 by Anja and Bettina Keil in Hamburg, Germany. We represent German and international fiction, non-fiction, children, young adult and fantasy authors.

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Bettina Keil

Studied English, American, and German literature in Bonn and Hamburg and earned an M.A. in literature. She originated and coordinated the Hamburg Australian Literature Festival, and has worked professionally in the book trade and for music publishers.

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Sabine Langohr

Certified bookseller, studied English and German literature in Düsseldorf, she has worked at and other firms and as a marketing consultant. She was a key figure in founding the bookstore stories! in Hamburg. She focuses on both fiction and non-fiction.

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Sarah Haag

Studied communications at the University of Mainz (M.A.), editor at Arena and Friedrich Oetinger Publishers, developed the “planet girl” imprint as head of programming at Thienemann Publishing beginning in 2009, then, as of 2012, general programming director at Loewe and “script 5” (literature for young adults). Specializes in children’s and young adult literature / literature for readers of all ages and fantasy.

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Anja Keil

Earned an M.B.A. from the University of Cologne. She has served as head of marketing and customer relations at the Premiere Pay TV station, and as vice president of marketing at AOL Germany.



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Stefanie Schrader

Foreign language correspon-
dent, traineeship at Carlsen Publishers, director of public relations and licensing at two publishing houses – Carlsen Comics and the German Tokyopop, Inc. – which she helped establish. As of 2008, she has run her own office for event organization, and in this capacity has worked in production management for several institutions, including the Harbour Front Literary Festival and concert series of the Schleswig Holstein Music Festival. She focuses on both fiction and nonfiction.


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